Welcome to my Wiki! Hope your ready to learn alot!:) And have fun! Even though those two don't frequently hang out....:)
So, definately found some books that can help me. One, the title I can't remember, is about a girl's struggle with bulemia and anorexia. It's kind of disturbing (I read the first few pages online) but really interesting. Also, Hungry, by Krystal Renn. She is one of my favorite models. She's "plus size", but struggled with anorexia. She is GORGEOUS. I don't remember what add it is, maybe for breast cancer, but she is shown from the back draped in red silk. It is very old-time, Grecian goddess beauty. I think I might also conduct a student survey. Hmm.....
I uploaded a picture of Crystal! Yeah, C, not K. Haha:) Beautiful, right? Ha. And they say she's "plus size."
Last night, I cut my paper down a whole page. Yay! And tonight, I'm having my mom's friend who was an english teacher at north for many years, help me. I still need;
1 more fact for my second point. (at least)
Cut down one page still!
Clean up loaded language
Finalize grammar/spelling
Check citations
Seems like al lot, but I am not worried because I only have that and possibly spanish tonight. But tomorrow starts finals. Eeeek. Luckily, I only hace Culinary and I think I can use my notes. Heads up to next years' students. Work on your paper. Every. Day. Even if nothing is due, because you'll see things you can fix, and it'll ultimately make your paper soooooo much better. DO NOT wait till the end, because it WILL be finals week. Aka- h*ll.